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The Importing and Exporting Role

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I love this exchange from this Dearlove & Crainer Management-Issues interview with business strategy professor, consultant and author Richard D’Aveni. Asked about how relevant his academic insight is to real business situations, he zeros in on exactly the thing that spanning leaders – that is, leaders who are able to span multiple industries, disciplines, or cultures – can do which makes them important and influential, and which ultimately makes them even better leaders…

Why should executives, beset with all this turbulence and change, listen to someone like you, an Ivy League Professor – Joe Bowtie, if you like? How do you understand their world?more

What Specifically Do Generalists Do?

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Creative Generalists are changing our world of ideas in a very big way.

Almost six years ago I humbly planted a stake in the ground and began this weblog, Creative Generalist. The blog was and continues to be about generalism and generalists, those so-called dabbling dilettantes of knowledge; those curious of everything, but experts at nothing. I myself am a proud Creative Generalist and through my blog I’ve discovered that there are many, many others like me who share the same wide-ranging tendencies and healthy skepticism of unchecked or misguided specialization.

Nothing can substitute for depth of analysis, and there’s proven value in specialization – it’s what education, career paths, scientific research, and technological innovation are built on – but generalism is a secret talent.… more

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