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Slow Down

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“Slowing down is essential to any kind of creativity — even if it makes you unfocused, inefficient, undisciplined, or unsystematic too,” says Carmine Coyote at Slow Leadership. Five Ways to Boost Creativity — or Kill it Altogether.

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Creative Generalist Q&A: Terry Rock

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In the last several years, the western Canadian city of Calgary has surged to become one of the most dynamic, fastest growing, and wealthiest young cities in North America. It’s where I attended university and worked for a couple years before moving east to Montreal, where I felt urban living and the arts were more universally embraced and supported. But much is changing back in Cowtown and part of the positive change and optimism is due to the presense of a passionate generalist – a rogue intellect – located in a modest office one block west of city hall. As President and CEO of Calgary Arts Development, Dr.more

Leaders as Generalists

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Leaders as Generalists

We need generalist leaders. This is especially true in the context of company management.

Leaders are, ideally, generalists that can understand and handle many different parts of a company. Innovation is dependent on an organization’s ability to regularly access and sift through large volumes of available information, determine which is most important and pertinent and then to apply it to unique situations in new ways. This role – essentially one of direction and delegation – is the province of leaders.

The irony of this of course is that companies naturally specialize and the people working at modern day companies are trained to be specialists, managers.… more

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