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Punk Rope

Posted on June 17th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

Recess was the best, wasn’t it? Ah, well, here’s a pretty cool program out of New York that seems to be recapturing that fun and exercise for a wider audience: Punk Rope!

Punk Rope Salutes March Madness 3-31-09 from Tim Haft on Vimeo.

Punk Rope is a playful mash-up of recess and boot camp that’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Each class is a unique blend of creative calisthenics, group conditioning drills, relay races, rope jumping, and core training. Students come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Everybody is welcome! more

Banksy’s Pet Shop

Posted on October 11th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

More Banksy brilliance.

This time it’s a fake pet shop in New York called The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill – his first official exhibition and the first Banksy project to employ animatronics – which aims to question “our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming”.… more

Three Nights of Culinary Bliss

Posted on September 7th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

Well aware of the culinary devotion and rigor of analysis that recreational diners on such sites as Chowhound and Zagat possess, I hesitate to call myself a foodie. But my experiences last week at three of the finest and most innovative restaurants in the US – Zenkichi, moto, and Alinea – probably say otherwise. That I would plan a trip around the chefs’ (and sommeliers’) tours leaves no doubt that I’m dedicated to this generalist thing, even on a taste level. 😉

The first outing, Zenkichi, was a pleasant accident. In New York with friends, one of us received a random text message recommending an obscure modern Japanese brasserie in Brooklyn’s hip Williamsburg area.… more

Park Ave Scavenger Hunt

Posted on June 14th, by Steve Hardy in Archives, Miscellany. No Comments

I’d say this qualifies as pretty clever: Architect Secretly Builds Epic Scavenger Hunt into NYC Apartment.

Eric Clough isn’t your typical architectural designer. Sure, he’ll design you a fine den or kitchen, but he’s clearly got a creative streak that goes much deeper than that. That’s why, when given the opportunity, he secretly built an incredible scavenger hunt into a $8.5-million, 4,200-square-foot Park Avenue apartment that included ciphers, riddles, poems and a lot of hidden doors and compartments.

(Hat tip to Jordan)

Update: NY Times article here – a bit more backstory. Thanks J.… more

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