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Haiku Building

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Given that my first blurb appears on the cover, I would be remiss not to mention the latest book by my favourite cultural canary, Susan August. Following in the divine footsteps of Haiku Applecart, her first book, Haiku Building is another wonderful collection of charming 5-7-5 poetry. Each one hones in on one of life’s little details and deftly draws it out in just a dozen or so words.

traced by a finger
on the dusty truck window
“I like them dirty”

bath in the gutter
preparing for his hot date
an urban pigeon

melted spatula
I pause to reconsider
the joy of cooking

passing commute time
a favorite song’s bass line
thumping in my chest… more

Creative Generalist Q&A: Selections (Fall 2006)

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I started the Eclectic Curiosity Interviews this past September to both broaden the perspective of this blog and to learn a thing or two from some incredibly bright people with exciting stories to tell and wisdom to share. The response from participants and readers alike has been outstanding! The series will continue in the new year but in the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out any of the first seven insightful dispatches…

Jane Fulton Suri
Chief Creative Officer at IDEO
We use the term “post-disciplinary” not to diminish the role of discipline and expertise as a foundation but to communicate the idea of going beyond it, not being limited by a disciplinary stance in collaborative teamwork.more

Creative Generalist Q&A: Susan August

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The bio provided to me by the next kind participant in my humble Q&A series begins like this: “By many accounts and on many counts, Susan August is a very curious person. She is a resident of Silicon Valley, and mostly lives in her head.” To which I can only remark that she inhabits a most fascinating place indeed.

I met Susan a few years ago in, of all places, the internets; this blog in fact. She generously emailed me with some tips in response to a post I made venting some of my frustrations with Blogger at the time. We’ve kept in touch ever since and I continue to be inspired and enlightened by her.… more

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