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From The German Film School, here is a great animated short film called Danse de Cable. “It’s the story of a squirrel which sees the advertising for a softdrink. As a result it tries to get to the Café on the opposite side of the street where the vending-machine is located. Consequently the squirrel sets off to get the softdrink. During the journey several obstacles challenge the squirrel…”… more

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It always amazes me how corporate America’s top brass can only see ahead for one or two *quarters* max. That’s not visionary, it’s short-sighted. Take for example the executives at large TV networks and movie studios. Would they not have witnessed the ongoing “Napster” issues in audio and thought to themselves that the technology to do the same in video would likely soon come around. Apparently not. Turner’s CEO Jamie Kellner is recently quoted as saying TiVo use equals TV theft because it allows the filtering of commercials. Sure, it’s a threat to his revenues but his argument is about as juvenile as that of the RIAA and major record labels.… more

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Been away for the last week, but I’m back… with perhaps the best article ever written about technology with regard to the environment. Chris Turner penned “Why Technology is Failing Us” for Shift Magazine a couple of years ago but it still holds as an outstanding essay about misplaced priorities. “It was impossible even to conceive of using a cellular phone to look at web pages in 1990, the year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its first report on global warming. Even in 1995, the year that the IPCC asserted that global warming was a reality, there was essentially no demand for web-enabled cellphones.… more

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Another excellent editorial posted by Chris Dewolf at his webzine (a fantastic, regularly updated and well-presented site on urban topics). He links to several articles that discuss how gentrification starts in downtrodden areas, become resurrected as trendy artistic areas and then eventually become too popular with pretty much everyone. “Cities such as San Francisco and Boston are now among the most expensive in the United States; neighbourhoods that were once derided as ghettoes, such as Boston’s South End, are now among the priciest in the nation”. Similarly, I caught a recent article in EnRoute magazine ranking Canada’s top ten neighbourhoods (Queen’s West in Toronto is #1 and the Plateau in Montreal is #2).… more

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I’ve just launched a discussion board for Creative Generalist over at EZboard. If anything here catches your eye or if you’d just like to discuss “life in general” that’s the place. Sorry about all the ads – we’ll have to clear those out sooner or later. Check it out here.… more

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Had this mildly interesting link passed on to me today (thanks Clay) about different sports fans and their different bevvies of choice. Apparently xtreme athletes are “107 percent of more likely to drink imported beer” and those that attend rap and R&B concerts tend towards champagne. linkmore

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