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How To Turn Off Quick Resume Xbox

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Getting the Most Out of Your Xbox Experience: How to Disable Quick Resume

Games are fantastic, aren’t they? Like the world, the gaming industry has expanded significantly over the years. The visuals, sounds, and graphics have all advanced considerably, and the stimulation level now is so high that it nearly feels like an authentic experience. 

The gaming industry has changed dramatically; it is now an appealing profession and a hobby.

Over the years, video games, in particular, have improved and are now available in many versions. Game advancements have demonstrated that the gaming experience can now be found on computers, PlayStations, Game Boys, PSPs, VR games, and Xbox, which has become increasingly popular among gamers for better gaming performance.

Over time, Xbox has been updated and has come up with newer versions with more features. With each new model and update, the Xbox series has added new features. Because of its unique features, such as the fascinating quick resume feature, the Xbox Series X/S has become a highly desired series among gamers.        

The Xbox user interface now has next-generation features thanks to this feature. This feature can be accessed and used via the gaming console settings. You must access your Xbox’s system preferences to use this feature. A location where you can discover every vital Xbox behavior. This feature can be turned on and off, depending on the gamer. 

Press the Xbox Guide button during a game to turn off Quick Resume or disable Quick Resume. Hit the “My Games & Apps” button. When you hit this, you’ll see “Quick Resume” with one or more games underneath. To disable Quick Resume for a particular game or games, navigate them and click the three-lined Menu button.

For a memorable gaming experience, it’s best to be knowledgeable about console features and to practice using your Xbox controller

Doing this lets you better control your characters’ power management and improve the game flow when multitasking on Xbox. It facilitates user preferences. With some practice, gamers can grow used to the instant switching on and off. 

With system updates, you can continue playing without game interruptions and take advantage of all the new features available on the Xbox dashboard. You receive improved user controls and an enhanced gaming experience.

To enable the quick resume feature on the Xbox series, follow the steps available on youtube.com


The Xbox game console has become associated with cutting-edge graphics, immersive gameplay, and fluid transitions between games. The Quick Resume feature is one example of this seamless experience. 

Although many players find Quick Resume to be a game-changer, there are some situations in which turning it off might be better. We’ll review the specifics of Quick Resume, consider some scenarios in which turning it off might be helpful, and offer comprehensive instructions on turning It off on an Xbox.

Understanding Quick Resume

A feature first available with the Xbox Series X is Quick Resume, which lets users switch between games quickly. It saves a game’s state so you can resume where you left off, even after starting and engaging with other games. 

This feature demonstrates the strength of the Xbox’s SSD and the hardware’s ability to manage several game states simultaneously.

Reasons to Turn Off Quick Resume

Although many people find that Quick Resume improves their gaming experience, there are some situations in which it might be better to disable it:

Multiplayer or Online Games


Some gamers would instead begin a new session when playing multiplayer or online games to guarantee fair play. Quick Resume might cause you to rejoin a match in progress or retain temporary buffs/rebuffs, disrupting the intended balance. By disabling Quick Resume, you can make sure that you always start these games from scratch and steer clear of any unintended benefits or drawbacks.

Game Progress Tracking:

 Disabling Quick Resume ensures every play session begins from the game’s main menu. It is ideal for players who enjoy keeping meticulous records of their progress in single-player campaigns. Quick Resume might not always accurately reflect your most recent save point. Having a consistent starting point from the main menu can be especially helpful if you would like a clear record of your accomplishments and completion percentages.

Preference for Fresh Starts:

 For some players, there’s nothing more ritualistic than beginning a game anew. A Quick Resume can disrupt this pre-game routine by throwing you back into the action. A feeling of accomplishment from a clean play-through or the excitement of experiencing a game for the first time without any lingering elements from a previous session can be satisfied by turning off Quick Resume.

Technical or Compatibility Issues:

 In rare cases, Quick Resume might conflict with specific games, causing compatibility or technical problems. These could manifest as unexpected crashes, graphical glitches, or strange in-game behavior. As a first step in troubleshooting, turning off Quick Resume can help isolate the issue and determine if it’s related to this feature.

For additional information on troubleshooting Quick Resume-related issues, you can visit the official Xbox Support website: support.xbox.com

How to Turn Off Quick Resume on Xbox

On your Xbox, turning off Quick Resume is a simple process. Here are some detailed instructions to help you personalize your gaming experience:

Power on your Xbox

Make sure your Xbox system is turned on and connected to a monitor.

Navigate to the Xbox Dashboard

Use your Xbox controller to access the Xbox Dashboard. Press the Xbox button in the middle of your controller to view the main menu.

Access the Settings Menu

The “Settings” option can be found on the Xbox Dashboard. This is typically located at the bottom of the main menu and is symbolized by a gear icon.

Refine Your Search

While you can navigate through menus as described above, an even faster approach is to use the built-in search function. Press the Xbox button to bring up the guide, then select the Search tab (magnifying glass icon). You can type in “Quick Resume settings” and directly jump to the relevant menu.

Disable Quick Resume

There are two main ways to disable Quick Resume, depending on your preference:

Method 1: Through System Settings

  • From the Settings menu, select the System tab. This is the area where you can find settings about the general operation of the system. support.xbox.com
  • Select the Console section from the System tab. Here, you can adjust several Xbox console settings.
  • Look for the Updates option within the Console section. This section usually contains Quick Resume settings related to the console’s functionality and performance.
  • Once you’re in the Updates section, locate the Quick Resume setting. You can turn on or off the Quick Resume feature here.
  • Toggle the Quick Resume setting to the “Off” position using the controller. By doing this, you can stop Quick Resume in any Xbox game.
  • Confirm your selection by following any on-screen instructions to finalize disabling Quick Resume.

Method 2: Through My Games & Apps

  • Press the Xbox button to bring up the guide.
  • Navigate to My Games & Apps.
  • Select the Quick Resume group (if available). This group displays the games currently suspended in Quick Resume.
  • Highlight the specific game you want to remove from Quick Resume.
  • Press the Menu button (three horizontal lines) on your controller.
  • Select “Remove from Quick Resume” to disable Quick Resume for that particular game.

Restart your Xbox (Optional)

While changes to Quick Resume settings should take effect immediately, restarting your Xbox system can ensure a clean boot and avoid potential conflicts. Turning the console off and back on or selecting the “Restart Console” option from the Power menu are two ways to accomplish this.

Following these steps, you can easily disable Quick Resume on your Xbox and tailor your gaming experience to your preferences.


Getting the most out of your Xbox gaming experience requires customization. Knowing how to turn on or off Quick Resume allows you to play games how you want, whether you prefer the smooth transitions or the ritual of starting over. 

Control over things like Quick Resume guarantees that your Xbox experience will always be precisely how you want it to be, even as the gaming world changes. Go into the Settings menu, make the best changes for you, and experience a new level of Xbox gaming.

There’s a fascinating chapter on turning off quick resumes on microsoft.com

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